It is probably no surprise that the most popular, high-quality and beautiful christmas wreaths are made in the “Pine Tree State”. Maine is most commonly known for it rugged coastline and tasty lobster despite the fact that 95 percent of the land is actually forested and the majority of residents do not live near the ocean. Many people that reside in the state take advantage of the natural resources around them to earn a living and some do this very successfully. Christmas trees and wreaths are a popular product that are exported from Maine durig every holiday season.

By visiting it is easy to see why this company has loyal customers from all over the world. Their wreaths are sustainable made from carefully harvested tips from their own private forests. All tips are trimmed only when they are needed for the ultimate in freshness. Every wreath is made and packed entirely by hand in their own facility. Like the state where they work, the company offers much more than many people realize. In addition to their beautiful natural products they are the driving force behind a well-known charitable event.

As the Founders of Wreaths Across America the company makes the commitment each year to adorn every grave at Arlington National Cemetery with a wreath for the holiday season. The tradition started years ago when one of the founders saw many of the older areas of the cemetery were left bare over Christmas. This was profoundly sad because it seemed as if so many soldiers were forgotten over time as their immediate family members passed away. A solution appeared when the company experienced a surplus of wreaths one year. The wreaths were taken to Arlington and laid on the graves of as many soldiers as possible. Today, the company has achieved the goal of making certain every grave at Arlington is decorated each year.

Trucks filled with wreaths donated by the company and many others leaves Maine for Virginia at the start of the Christmas season. Along the way the convoy is led by police escorts and numerous stops are made at local cemetaries. Many have joined the efforts and are working to make certain the soldiers in their communities remain remembered and respected as well. Worcester Wreath is as proud to be the Founders of Wreaths Across America as they are of their company. They encourage everyone to learn more about the organization and to do what they can to honor the memories of the people that gave their lives for their country.